We offer our services globally for conducting Inspections, Surveys and Audits on all type of vessels, including Tankers, Dry Cargo, Bulk, Containers and Offshore Support Vessels.
1 OCIMF SIRE Inspections

SN Marine services continues to play a major contribution to SIRE by inspecting on behalf of OCIMF members. With our wealth of knowledge and inspectors globally located, we are in a very strong position to provide a very efficient, fast and professional service for our clients at short notice in the majority of key locations. Currently we inspect vessels on behalf of below oil majors/OCIMF members and day by day we are increasing our network of OCIMF members.

  • KMG
  • IECO
  • ENOC
2Flag State Representation.

Our auditor, Capt.Gurpal Singh is trained & approved by Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry as lead flag state auditor for performing/representation of below inspections on behalf of LISCR flag state.

  • Flag State pre-registration.
  • Flag State safety inspections.
  • Flag State interim, intermediate & renewal audits (ISM, ISPS & MLC).
  • Marine Incident Investigations.
3Management Systems

SN Marine services has a wide experience in setting up Management Systems for ship management companies.

Our main philosophy is to develop and establish management systems that are based on the following principles:

  • Focused on the end user on board
  • Be as simple as possible
  • Clearly structured documentation
  • Integrated documentation covering as many requirements as possible
  • Clear and concise reporting requirement
  • Standardization of forms and checklists
  • Tailor made systems- developed to meet the individual needs of your company and incorporate the operating systems agreed

Modern ship management systems should integrate the elements of:

  • Safety and Health
  • Risk assessment and Decision Making models based on Risk
  • Management of change
  • Environmental Protection
  • Quality of services

Our experience, being one of the leading providers of Ship Management Systems worldwide, can assure you that the management system developed for your company shall meet your company’s needs, the highest industry standards whistle being a user friendly operating system both on board and the office

4Tanker Management

SN Marine provides the necessary structured framework of services to enable clients to improve their management systems and meet the highest stages of TMSA requirements

By recognizing the quality of services provided, effective and precise strategy for meeting the TMSA requirements, a large part of the market has entrusted our services for upgrading their management systems and meeting the TMSA requirements.

We have assisted Tanker Management companies successfully audited from several Oil companies such as:

  • ExxonMobil
  • Shell
  • Neste
  • Vivo Energy
5Bulk Carriers Management System

SN Marine review and restructuring of company’s Safety Management System to meet the below standards:

  • RIGHTSHIP Dry Bulk Standards as incorporated / stipulated within the “Inspection and Assessment Report For Dry Cargo Ships

The above will be performed in the following stages:

  • Total Quality Consultants in cooperation with Client, set the Specifications of the BMSA Project (i.e. extent and stage which will be integrated within the SMS).
  • Client advises Total Quality Consultants regarding the SMS structure required.
  • Total Quality Consultants will prepare and develop the relevant Indexing in compliance with the structure agreed.
  • Total Quality Consultants will develop the relevant BMSA documentation as agreed for the review of the client.

Review of SMS Against DBMS

During this phase we proceed with the below actions:

  • Modification/ amendment of existing SMS Manuals and introduction of new procedures/ instructions/ forms as necessary to incorporate the DBMS requirements based on your individual SMS and compliance needs.
  • Furthermore, we shall provide supplementary information where applicable for specific cargo major requirements as per clients’ request.
  • Upon delivery of the SMS, training sessions are arranged for the people of the company for the familiarization of the revised SMS.
6Real time Navigation Audits

Navigational Audits is a tool to increase the navigational safety standards in a shipping company. According to OCIMF TMSA element 5, the operator shall arrange independent navigational reviews to check the navigational competence. A Navigational Audit is a systematic control of how the Ship Operator’s Navigational procedures are followed. The audit is not to be performed while the vessel is in port. A Navigational Audit program starts with a discussion between the ship operator and the independent auditor what the outcome of the program should be. Issues that will be discussed can be how many percent of the fleet that will be audited yearly, how the follow up on any findings will be dealt with and the frequency of the audits. Ideally the outcome of the audits will be linked to the operators training program. The training can either take place in a simulator or been carried out onboard during the audits.

What do we DO!

The audit process consists as a minimum of the following elements: Navigational skills and procedures assessment.

  • Bridge Team Management / Resource management.
  • ECDIS / Nautical Charts, Publications and Chart corrections.
  • Evaluation of the bridge team basis Professional knowledge, Navigation practices, Compliance & Soft skills assessment.
  • Interviewing each officer and carry out minimum set of trainings / PPT presentations, real-time assessments and open forums.
  • Our Auditors are suitably qualified with relevant experience, knowledge & updated with our own pool of recurring findings.
  • They will use checklists / questionnaires as per industry (SIRE/VIQ) and Oil Majors’ standards and analyse audit results to identify weak areas, training needs and trends in accordance with TMSA2, Element 5.
  • Detailed reports are provided reflecting the navigational practices based on the client’s procedures and applicable requirements.
  • The value of Final de-brief is most significant when despite a potential of disagreement, we need to highlight gaps and suggest improvements.
  • 7ISM / ISO / ISPS Audits

    To distinguish between those organizations who embrace the International Safety Management Code (ISM) in its true spirit and those who aim at fulfilling, only minimum requirements we have our inhouse audit model constructed in line with the Oil Majors requirement which brings out the true picture Safety & Environmental protection standards of the organization.

    We review the SMS procedure and organizational culture of the Company, list out the gap, redesign and develop the current SMS for the additional procedures to make the SMS more effective to fulfil the gap.

    Considering internal/external ship board audit a very important tool for improvement therefore we:

    SN marine services ensures that a ship has highly qualified in house nautical and engineer auditors who frequent the ships on regular basis to give unbiased/factual reports Make sure to detect and prevent deficiencies which can result to an incident or an accident, testing internal control, and monitoring compliance with Company's policy and safety procedures Give our possible efforts that all audits are conducted periodically as per the requirements of the Code and a company's convenience. Our structured approach shall ensure your ships continuously adhere to the requirements of the Ship Security Plan and best practices.

    8Real time Cargo Operation Audit

    Our Team of experienced Master Mariners carry out extensive Cargo Audits as part of the TMSA requirement.

    We have developed an in-house Cargo Audit Checklist in line with TMSA requirements which provides a complete overview of the soft skills and knowledge of onboard personnel related to cargo operations.

    We can also carry out Cargo Audits based on Company specific Checklists.

    Our team of auditors when onboard are an extended arm of the organization rather than third party auditors.

    As part of the Audit, Training and rectification is also carried out whilst onboard to ensure no Observations are noted by third party inspectors.

    9Vessel Condition Surveys

    SN marine services vessel surveyors and inspectors report on the condition of a particular vessel’s hull and machinery, and other equipment condition at the given time of the inspection. The survey will typically determine the working or operational condition of equipment and management systems, including its certification status. SN marine services works with vessel and barge owners, charterers, and insurance interests, including Protection & Indemnity (P&I) Clubs, in providing condition surveys for vessels and fleets of all types, sizes and purpose.

    10P & I Club Representation

    SN marine surveyors and consultants have knowledge in all P&I related matters:

  • Collisions
  • Grounding
  • Pollution
  • Cargo issues (liquid cargo quality / quantity, liquefaction, container loss)
  • Personal injury
  • Wreck removal
  • On-site, we will initially provide support and assistance to the master and owners at a time which is often their first experience of an accident. We then ensure we provide the club with essential information captured in a quick report format so that the claims handler can take the correct immediate actions to protect their members – for example, by engaging lawyers or salvors.

    Once the situation is stabilised, we will carry out a thorough investigation. We will collect contemporaneous evidence both electronic and paper-based, and if required take statements from crew in a legal format.

    We will facilitate reciprocal ‘without prejudice’ surveys in order to record the damage and estimate repair costs. We will liaise with the opposing interests to continue inspections and record progress as the vessels are being repaired.

    11Accident / Damage Investigations

    We offer maritime investigatory services in all areas of a marine claims and incidence relating to all types of floating vessel and structure, personnel and cargoes.

    Our marine surveyors have extensive experience and knowledge in maritime investigations that range widely from cargo damage and marine accidents through to personal injuries and fatalities.

    We have experience and expertise in operating at casualty sites, providing technical reports and support and if necessary providing expert witness for issues that result in proceedings at court or arbitration. Some of the areas we operate in include:

  • Collisions and Groundings
  • Cargo Damage
  • Hull and Machinery
  • Total Loss
  • Marine Pollution
  • Salvage and Wreck Removal
  • Safe Berths and Ports
  • Damage to Fixed and Floating Objects
  • Stowaways
  • 12Hull & Machinery Surveys And Repair Supervision

    SN marine services offers a comprehensive Hull & Machinery (‘H&M’) service to ship owners, underwriters, brokers, law firms and other related parties. With technical experts in Hull & Machinery surveying and inspections worldwide, we investigate the cause, nature and extent of damage or failure, as well as offer accurate estimates of repair costs and duration, for all types of marine H&M claims.

    Bringing together our unique mix of marine engineers, master mariners, naval architects and electrical engineers, we can quickly and efficiently respond to our clients’ H&M needs no matter where they are located.

    13Cargo Damage Assessment

    Despite all efforts to prevent them, accidents that damage cargo happen continuously. An engineering investigation can determine the cause, responsibility and extent of a loss involving cargo damage.

    Our engineers and investigators have expertise in determining the cause, nature, scope and value of cargo loss due to dropping, fire damage, water contamination, inadequate blocking and bracing as well as many other factors. Our engineers are experienced in many industries and are familiar with a wide variety of unique machinery and equipment. They are often called on to determine whether machinery or equipment is repairable, damaged beyond reasonable repair efforts, or is only superficially damaged.

    When our engineers are called to serve as expert witnesses they are a reliable resource for providing accurate, easy-to-understand explanations as to the unique factors of an incident to an insurance adjuster, attorney or jury.