SN Marine Services is a knowledge-based organization comprising of a team of Maritime Professionals to provide comprehensive and professional inspection & consultancy services to the maritime industry with global reach, ensuring highest standards of work ethics and integrity.

At SN Marine Services, we believe in providing our clients with the highest quality of marine solutions with our team of experienced Marine consultants who are our vital strength and have been serving the Maritime industry with a consistent record of impartiality, managing any conflict of interest and always ensuring objectivity of assessment.

At SN Marine Services we continually identify, analyse, monitors and review factors that may affect our services with the aim of providing efficient and highly effective solutions to our customer’s needs, with customer satisfaction being the foremost priority. Our Fundamental values are simplistic and based on Integrity, Trust and Transparency.

Our Services

OCIMF SIRE Inspections

Vessel Condition Surveys

Accident / Damage Investigations



Real time Navigation Audits